Commissioning a waistcoat


Commissioning information & pricing

I hand dye and sew each waistcoat which is a very laborious time consuming process, it is this that gives each piece its unique character and imbues it with love.  I have thought long and hard about how to charge appropriately when selling a waistcoat, and have decided to structure pricing based on the level of detail involved.

Waistcoat prices 2018:

Original waistcoat: $200 (one appliqued feature on back with basic stitched detail, two appliqued pocket details).

Original plus waistcoat: $300 (as above with more embroidered detail on reverse, including up to three specific requests [in addition to main back detail and pocket details] eg butterfly, bee, flower).

All the bells and whistles waistcoat: $400-$500 (plus embroidered chest details, and elaborate stitched details on front and reverse, up to six additional specific requested details).  Final price dependent on details requested.

These prices are for child-size waistcoats, adult sizes are structured the same way plus an additional $50.


It takes approximately four-six weeks to make a waistcoat from scratch.  Some colour choices are only available in particular seasons.  After hearing your specific requests and preferences I draw an initial sketch which I return to you for approval and suggestions.  Sometimes a particular design will take longer to stitch than anticipated, I will keep you regularly updated on my progress (which you can generally track via my Instagram stories and feed).  If my children get sick or something unexpected comes up it may take longer, all my work takes place alongside our homeschooling life.

How to order:

I can only make very limited numbers of waistcoats, I will open up a couple of spots each month which will go to the first buyer.  I will also offer giveaways and raffles from time to time as I would like the chance to get a waistcoat to be possible for anyone regardless of budget, these opportunities will be publicized on my Instagram feed.  I am also working on an idea for staggered payments.  Do feel very welcome to be in touch with me, your idea might be so amazing that I just can't say no...